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Single Exposure with Nikon D7100

Another time spent with my new toy and I must say ~ I’m impressed!!

As usual, I’ll shoot bracketed photos for HDR post editing in mind. Several shots seems to be good on the camera it self but I wouldn’t say much until I saw it in full resolution in my PC. Once transferred, I noticed that (at some of the images) the dynamic range in the raw files has covered almost everything. With just a simple editing shall make it shine!

After a few post editing technique in Photoshop – here is the single image shot with Nikon D7100 with these settings: RAW, 0.3″, f11, ISO 100, 12mm.  What do you think? 🙂

Masjid Putra, Putrajaya, Malaysia


I’m back!

Hallo guys! It has been a while since my last update back in December 2012. The New Year has been quite a busy year for me and I’m sorry for those who have been following this blog.

What happens?     Starting January 2013 has been a busy month for me. Until now I’ve just had about 3 times going out for photography. Being busy throughout the weekdays requires a relaxation time for me and family during the weekends.

What’s new?     Throughout these times, I’ve been following an updates from Nikon on their next DX camera updates especially the Nikon D400 – but it never happens. Nonetheless, they have introduced a new D7100 instead. One of the feature that caught my interest is that 5 Auto Exposure Bracketing (even the D7000 and D600 doesn’t have that feature. The D800 has it but it is totally a different league already). As a landscape and HDR/DRI photographer, this feature is one of the most important stuff for me – a must have feature! Taking 3 exposures at a time and manually changing it for about 3 times in a row to make a total of 9 exposures is really tiring and time consuming. And now they have this feature build-in! How cool is that!

Now I’m back ~ with a new camera in hand ~ Yeah!     As an owner of Nikon D90 for a quite some time, I feel that I really need something to fit my photography style. I need a camera that can shoot an Auto Exposure Bracketing for more than just 3 exposures. The D300s has it, but its old ~ really old then my D90. D7000 doesn’t have what I need. Then the latest addition to the Nikon Full Frame camera came out earlier this year – the D600 – also doesn’t have what I really need. Yes the image quality is more superior then then the DX camera but, if I jump ship to the FX body, I need to change the lenses that I’ve already own right now. Which means more $$$ is required!! As a casual photographer, I don’t need to spend that much for a camera.

The D7100 has the features that I’ve been dreaming for all this while – the 5 Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) plus a new sensor with 24mp. What more could I asked for? This is the ONE for me! When it has arrived at the camera store last Friday (22nd March 2013) and by next following day I have it in my hand already ~ YES!! The wait is finally over. 🙂

Nikon D7100

My 1st Impression about this camera?     Technically, whoever owns a D7000 before doesn’t have any problem using this camera – it is identical accept the live view button is moved just a little lower to the other part and they have add an additional i (information) button below the ISO button. In camera setting is almost about the same as the previous generations ~ so I wouldn’t take so long to understand it though. By the way, I would not explain in details about this camera because during this time I believe that most of the well-known camera reviewer has already explained in details about it.

So, my first impression about this camera is all about the AEB functionality, focusing system and dynamic range capabilities ~ yes, it works like charm! I love it! The only side back about this camera is the Auto Image Preview. After taking the bracketed images, I will take about 5 to 6 seconds before the image is pop up on the screen. I hope Nikon will fix this issue in their next software updates.

To sum it up, I love this camera and my photographic journey are now continued (again) with the new companion in hand. (Hopefully.. hahaha!)

Here is the picture taken with my new companion. Shoot with jpeg, with 5 AEB frames. Enjoy!

Location: Level 9, Time Square parking area, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Note: Should you have any questions about this camera or anything that you would like to ask me about HDR or DRI, just leave your comments down below. Thanks!

Practicing The New Technique

As you all know, I’ve attended Daniel Cheong’s workshop last month, and now it’s time to practicing his teaching. Now I know the secret on how to get that shining look on the buildings. Thanks again Daniel. I love your technique and I’m going to improve my skills.

Combined with knowledge that I’ve learnt from my previous sifoo – Vedd  & Azrudin – I am going a step further in this photography arena. Again, thanks to my guru’s and thanks to all of you too for your kind support and constructive comments.

Stay tune for my next update and have a nice weekend! 🙂

Kg. Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

[Click at the image to view large in black background]


Digital Blending Workshop with Daniel Cheong

Yes, that’s right – the title says it all! I’ve got a chance to meet Daniel Cheong in person last weekend and learn his secret of Digital Blending technique. It is an indeed the most valuable workshop I’ve ever attended. I’ve learn a lot from him. From now on, I’ll start practicing his technique and hopefully I can be a well-known HDR and landscape photographer like him one day ~ right now I’m imagining myself surrounded by fans screaming to get by autograph.. oh! How I wonder..

But one thing I really regretted is about the workshop is… I forgot to get his autograph! Adoi la!!

You didn’t know who is Daniel Cheong? Click this link HERE and you’ll amazed on his photos. Trust me..

Now I present to you a Digitally Blended image that I’ve learn from him. Hope you’ like it 😉

Masjid Putra, Putrajaya, Malaysia

[Click at the image to view large in black background]

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