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HDR for Real Estate Photography

Why HDR for real estate photography? Simply because real estate photography and shooting interior architecture has been and still is one of the most difficult exposure challenges to solve in the realm of photography.

In many cases a shot needing to be captured to showcase a property needs to capture the exposure range of the interior and the range of the exterior. Then I’m sure you’ve experienced the vast exposure range of the bright highlights and the dark shadows in those landscape shots.  Parts of the image will be brighter and some corners of the image will be darker. If you increase the exposure time you’ll cover those dark areas but the rest of the image will be too bright and so hard for your eyes to compensate.

Can flash be used?  Sometimes rooms are so tight or full of mirrors and using flash isn’t just a pain, but nearly impossible because of reflections and the inability to even get the flash units into a room let alone try and keep them out of frame. And most of the time you’ll need to set up a lot of flash gun in different angle for just to get the right one single image.

What happen if the house is fully furnished with all those beautiful ceiling and corners lights? Or your property is located on the top of a hill or at some beautiful beach – You’ll need to cover those beautiful moment too right? But when you take the picture it just come out flat and doesn’t match from what your eyes sees at that point of time.

HDR to the rescue

When you need to capture the dynamic range of an interior and exterior for one image, you’ll begin to appreciate HDR in real estate photography. All images in this blog are using either HDR and/or DRI technique. I believe you have already fall in love with those images.

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