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Digital Blending Workshop with Daniel Cheong

Yes, that’s right – the title says it all! I’ve got a chance to meet Daniel Cheong in person last weekend and learn his secret of Digital Blending technique. It is an indeed the most valuable workshop I’ve ever attended. I’ve learn a lot from him. From now on, I’ll start practicing his technique and hopefully I can be a well-known HDR and landscape photographer like him one day ~ right now I’m imagining myself surrounded by fans screaming to get by autograph.. oh! How I wonder..

But one thing I really regretted is about the workshop is… I forgot to get his autograph! Adoi la!!

You didn’t know who is Daniel Cheong? Click this link HERE and you’ll amazed on his photos. Trust me..

Now I present to you a Digitally Blended image that I’ve learn from him. Hope you’ like it 😉

Masjid Putra, Putrajaya, Malaysia

[Click at the image to view large in black background]

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