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Hi guys! Just to let you know that my ebook is on the way. I just need a few more bracketing images so that I can put it up as tutorial in my upcoming ebook.

Why so slow? This is my first ebook and I really wanted it to be really nice looking, easy to read and understand by the audience. I’ve tried Ms Words and I found that it was a bad choice because it is really hard to control the images over the captions. Then I was suggested by a friend of mine to use Adobe Indesign – I’ve installed the software, run it, and suddenly I got an headache – because I’ve never use it before and I really don’t know how to operate it! Arghh!!

Then, I’ve been suggested to use Ms Publisher 2010 and.. walla! This is what I’m looking for and I’m loving it! The interface is somewhat similar to Ms Words but it has much better controls over the graphics, captions and photos. FYI, I have never use Ms Publisher before, and I’ve found out that this software is very easy to use and very user friendly. Anyone that’s familiar with Ms Words can easily operate this software like an expert. Excellent software indeed!

Okay.. enough with the software review (I’m not getting paid by Microsoft anyway). By the way, here is my latest addition for my HDR gallery. This shot was taken (again) at Sungai Gabai, Ulu Langat, Selangor. A group photo trip with Master Vedd and friends, climbing up the hill until we reach a place that’s no human being has ever been before.. yeah right, I’m just bluffing.. LOL!

Enjoy your weekend ahead! 🙂

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