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Splendid training!

Just recently I’ve had a chance to meet in person with Mr Vedd Edd and learn from the master himself. On Saturday is the hands-on technical and practical shooting technique and the next day is the post editing technique. To be honest, this is the best training I’ve ever had so far. He teaches us to focus more on photography and master the bracketing technique. Once we’ve had this mastered, the post editing processes will be so easy as 1, 2, 3. Everything is perfect – the tone is perfect, the color is perfect and the best of all – there is no halo in the picture! It was so magical and I am really impressed with his technique!

From now on, I will definitely apply and master this technique to all my photos ~ and then you’ll find me shining baby! Yeah!

(to Vedd if you are reading this – just want to let you know that you are awesome!)

Click on the image to view large or visits my flickr page for more images. Thanks!

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