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Outing with Sifoorianz @ Taiping, Perak

Last weekend I’ve went to Taiping, Perak with a group of photographers from sifoo.com forum. This is my first time visits to this small town even though I was born in Teluk Intan, Perak.

Taman Tasik Taiping was so beautiful and well taken care of by the MPT (Majlis Perbandaran Taiping). Every morning and late evening there’s a lot of people young and old jogging and exercising around this beautiful lake, not forgetting the fish enthusiast sitting by the lake waiting patiently to catch their prey. It was such a wonderful moment indeed.

The most valuable lesson that I’ve learned from this trip is that – if you want to create a beautiful and natural looking HDR image, you should capture the moment first with your camera. Make it right on each and every single exposure that you are taking of, and don’t ever forget to compose it right. Put in your mind that you are working with the nature to get the rule of third (Ro3), leading line and symmetry – and try combining those elements with the nature around you so that they can blend together in your camera naturally.

Once you’ve done this right, it’ll be much easier to edit them in Photomatix and Photoshop. You’ll feel like that they just blend in together seamlessly – without having to crack your head much on the editing.

This is simply because you cannot cheat your own eyes. You just cannot create something that is NOT there. If you push it hard enough – then your end results is just another sad, hideous and cheated HDR image that you’ve always seen it on the net.

So, remember this tip: Photography first, then the last one is HDR. Good luck!

Click on the image to view large or visits my flickr page for more images. Thanks!


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